Welcome Back!

Back to school may not seem like a typical time to view as a “new year,” but after years working in education, that’s exactly what it is- an opportunity to restart, regroup, and hopefully, be better than last year.
So, if you will, there are some new goals this year at Behavior Rescue.

  • Write more frequent posts.

What that frequency looks like, I couldn’t tell you right now, but I think it’s fair to say that I need to improve my regularity of writing. It’s also safe to say that these goals are not measurable or specific and I would, in fact, send them back to my students if they turned them in.

  • Target not only child-specific behaviors, but also some adult maladaptive behaviors.

In wanting this site to be a resource for behavior, that means the expansion of behaviors discussed. You can expect to see some information on modifying personal behaviors, parent behaviors, and target behaviors for treatment. Expansion of topics is exciting!

  • Build the site.

This is the one you can help the most with. Offer feedback/suggestions/thoughts/topics-constructive criticism is great!- share what you like, and pass along the helpful information to those who might be interested. Together, this site can be a success. Alone, its just another voice in the internet.

*An Important Note: I will not be able to support individual cases that contact me through this site. That being said, I’m happy to point you to the right resources, offer presentations, training modules, and guest posts. If you’d like to work with me, please let me know and I feel confident we can work something out that meets your needs.

So, welcome back!

Fall is a terrific time for transitions and this transition promises to be a great one.

Thank you for participating.

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