Protein & Behavior: A Simple Solution?

Although in the past some emphasis has been given to changing the diet of individuals with Autism diagnoses, some evidence suggests that all children may benefit from improved diet- defined by this article as increased protein and nutrients. This particular article recommends providing high protein choices for children in the morning, and decreasing carbohydrate offerings- particularly for breakfast.

And protein may not be the only beneficial component. Based on a double-blind study (the ‘gold standard’ of such research), children in the lowest 20% of a study sample demonstrated increased performance in reading when supplemented daily with DHA Omega-3. It is important to recognize that children gained just 0.8 month on standardized testing; however, this gain was accomplished in just 4 months and in addition to the gains of those students who took placebo supplements. Those in the study sample who were the lowest performing 10% demonstrated a gain of 1.9 months performance. Again, it is important to note that this particular study was sponsored by a pharmaceutical company, but that additional studies are being planned.

Have you noticed a change in a child’s behavior or performance after modifying diet?



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