Supervision is available for individuals or groups and may be customized to meet your needs. Additionally, supervision may be arranged to take place on-site, at a mutal location, or via phone. Web conferencing may also be available to meet supervision requirements, depending on the type of supervision needed.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Candidates

As part of the requirements for obtaining certification through the Behavior Analysis Certification Board, a 5% of internship hours must be supervised by a current BCBA. Total, at least 75 hrs are required to be supervised. Behavior Rescue is able to offer these supervision hours to support individuals through the process of board certification as a behavior analyst. Supervision will support current practice, review research literature and application, and cover several review topics presented for the exam. Documentation is completed verifying each of these 75 hrs of supervision.

Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA) Candidates

For those with¬†a bachelor’s degree who are interested in obtaining BCaBA credentials, 50 hrs of internship experience must be supervised. Again, supervision hours will be utilized to provide direct support, case discussion, reviewing research and application literature, and discussion of relevant topics as necessary for BCaBA exam review. Documentation is completed following each session to verify each of these 50 hrs of supervision.

Additional information on both levels of certification and requirements is available through the Behavior Analysis Certification Board website. Also, please feel free to contact Behavior Rescue to customize supervision hours to meet your personal and professional needs.

Other Professional Supervisions

Behavior Rescue is able to customize and offer additional supervision and trainings as necessary. Please contact us directly to discuss your organization or agency needs and fees that may be associated with such activities. You may also wish to review the Consultation tab for examples of trainings and presentations available. Please contact us to schedule hours or discuss services.

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