Consultations are available to complete individual assessments, on-site professional development, or support from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Consultation allows individuals or organizations that may not be able to hire a full-time behavior analyst to have access to such an individual for treatment team or individual education plan (IEP) meetings. It is the role of a BCBA to collect data, provide support and recommendations, and to supplement the knowledge of the treatment team members who are most familiar with the individual. Parents, teachers, tutors, advocates, and psychologists are all most closely acquainted with the individuals they serve. The BCBA can offer a new perspective based on observational data and will work with the team to develop the most effective means of intervention, based on current research. Follow-up and feedback from the treatment team is a critical part of the process to ensure that a plan is feasible and working for the individual served.


Trainings are available on a variety of topics and may be customized to meet school or organizational needs. Training may be on-going or be a single presentation. Training may include topics such as: assessment instruments, trauma-related needs, current research, methods of data collection, application to a specific context (i.e., behavior modification at church or a therapeutic riding facility), or writing measurable goals and objectives. Many other areas of discussion and presentation are available. Please contact to discuss your group needs.

Other Services

Behavior Rescue also offers additional support services including: guest blog posts, requested articles, and individualized tutoring. Tutoring packages and programs are available to target specific academic needs as well as GRE and SAT exam concerns. Due to her academic training and background, Kelly has successfully tutored multiple individuals to support increases in standardized test scores. With a special emphasis on raising GRE Writing Exam scores through distance tutoring and writing review sessions. Please contact today to determine the best package to meet your needs or consider a local tutor to schedule direct sessions.

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