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Welcome Back!

Back to school may not seem like a typical time to view as a “new year,” but after years working in education, that’s exactly what it is- an opportunity to restart, regroup, and hopefully, be better than last year. So, … Continue reading

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Asperger Syndrome Might Be Different from Autism

After a long-publicized discussion on the newly released Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychological Association (DSM-5), Asperger syndrome and Autism were combined to form a new category of ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’. Turns out, there are fundamental brain differences … Continue reading

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How Do I Get This Kid to Eat?? Ways to Overcome Picky Eating (Guest Post)

Do you have a child that will not eat anything of a particular color. Does your child live on cheese and peanut butter alone? Picky eaters can quickly worry a parent into the ground. You know your little one needs … Continue reading

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Protein & Behavior: A Simple Solution?

Although in the past some emphasis has been given to changing the diet of individuals with Autism diagnoses, some evidence suggests that all children may benefit from improved diet- defined by this article as increased protein and nutrients. This particular … Continue reading

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Dealing with Teenage Anxiety (Guest Post)

Those who can clearly recall their teen years will remember the uncomfortable amount of anxiety they probably felt on a daily basis. While most teens suffer from anxiety from time to time, some children have more trouble dealing with the … Continue reading

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