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Autism & Diet: Not the Typical Gluten Free Debate

Autism is often discussed in connection with special diets, food and eating challenges, and other health issues including the great GI debate (here’s the counter-argument on the lack of connection between GI concerns and ASD). So it is with careful … Continue reading

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Trainings for Emergency Responders

I’ve spent a lot of time lately reviewing products related to elopement and resources for families. Bolting, running, elopement, and wandering are one of the most challenging behaviors for families, in my experience. They cause a high level of stress … Continue reading

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Wandering and Elopement Support (AWAARE)

So I recently did a post on safety products to consider for an individual at risk of wandering or elopement, but then ABOARD (The Advisory Board On Autism and Related Disorders) sent out a newsletter discussing this very topic! Among … Continue reading

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Consistency and Discipline at Summer Camp

So I have a friend who’s currently working camp for the summer. Which camp you ask, any camp, lots of different camps. It doesn’t really matter except that it’s a community-based camp for all children. Currently; however, a camper manages … Continue reading

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Autism & the Driver License Test: The Great Debate

A few days ago, I was at a red light that turned green, but a group of motorcycles were traveling together. In order to stay together, approximately 15 motorcycles ran the red light after signaling their intent to do so … Continue reading

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